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Stock BABA sales and earnings supported a higher stock price and a new bullish base was forming. Psychological Analysis, a 3rd School of Thought  Developed by 50 Park, indicated a leading stock and BABA soared 90% since 50 Park featured the stock in our report.
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  • Other Firms Focus On Only Fundamental and/or Technical Analysis. We Developed a 3rd School of Thought Called Psychological Analysis for investing and trading capital markets. 
  • Analysts review 2 sets of data: Fundamental Analysis (company's financials) and technical analysis (chart patterns). But, the largest component of a stock's price is investor sentiment or psychological analysis, a method invented by 50 Park. 
  • We believe that price is a function of perception. Does the market perceive the stock is under-valued? (If Yes, it's heading higher. If no, it's heading lower)  
  • Take a firm like Tesla. While Tesla lost a billion dollars last year, their stock price has risen from $200 to $400. Price is a function of perception. People perceive it to be worth that match. When you apply this market fact into other stocks, you quickly see where it is headed. 
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"Adam is a breath of fresh-air. He has an amazing talent of staying calm when markets are trading all over the map and I love that about him. Keep up the good work, he is STRONGLY recommended."

Sally M. Eizenberg Raleigh North Carolina 
Elite Stock Set Up Every Saturday for Monday's Trading
  •  Elite hedge funds have analysts review stocks for up to a month before presenting them to the portfolio manager (PM).
  •  Each Friday Adam receives these research files and selects 10 stocks to add to our portfolio.
  •  Our members receive one of the ten approved stocks, completely free, with the entire research report and the price we are submitting the order at along with a closing stock trade as well. Our clients receive the entire report. 
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50 Park In The News
Thursday, November 2, 2017
Stocks gyrate as Wall Street digs through details of tax reform bill
“Powell is dovish. The current Fed chair, Janet Yellen, is dovish. I think the market has priced in a dovish Fed chair,” said Adam Sarhan, CEO of 50 Park Investments. “Central banks are slowly raising rates, but they are still very low relative to historical levels.”

October 28, 
Cloud computing drives massive growth for big U.S. tech firms
“Going forward, cloud services will become more of a commodity, and the prices will quickly compress,” said Adam Sarhan, CEO of 50 Park Investments, an investment advisory service. “For now though, it’s a great business with plenty of room for all to grow.”
U.S. equities traded in a tight range on Monday as investors looked ahead to the start of earnings season.
“It’s natural for the market to digest big moves ahead of a major catalyst. In this case, it’s earnings season,” said Adam Sarhan, CEO of 50 Park Investments.
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